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KML input files in KMZ format

Several companies such as Google, Bentley, ESRI and Microsoft have software products that can display or otherwise use KML files. You will need to install one of them to view this file.

You can get a copy of MnDOT_Geodetic_Control.kmz using one of the three methods below:

  1. Click the direct link on this page, which will give a choice of opening or saving the file. Depending upon your computer settings, this link may also open the default viewer with the Geodetic control points in view.
  2. Put the "KMZ Download" link on your desktop. Clicking it works the same as above.
  3. Install "MnViewControl". It compares the newest KMZ with the local copy.

To get KMZ files

  1. Download or open the Geodetic Control KMZ File
  2. Left-click and drag this shortcut KMZ Download onto your desktop. If dragging does not work, right-click -> copy shortcut, then right-click on desktop -> paste shortcut.
  3. Download and install MnViewControl. This will take you to the disclaimer page. Click "I accept these conditions" to proceed. Click "MnViewContol" at the top of the software page to proceed with the download.

KMZ input file details

A KMZ file is a standard zip file that contains an input file in KML format. Points are grouped by counties, which can be turned on or off independently. In each county, six types of control marks can be turned on or off independently. The types are HARN, Vertical, Horizontal, 3-D H+V, Other, and Unpositioned.

HARN (Red Star) H-Order A or B & V-Order Any
VERT (Blue Square) H-Order NOT A, B, or C & V-Order 1 or 2
HORZ (Purple Triangle) H-Order C & V-Order NOT 1 or 2
HORZ+VERT (Green Diamond) H-Order C & V-Order 1 or 2
OTHER (Red Cross) H-Order NOT A,B,C, or NULL & V-Order NOT 1,2, or NULL
UNPOS (Orange Circle) H-Order NULL; V-Order NULL

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