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Conditions for release of electronic data from the MnDOT Office of Land Management

In order to access MnDOT OLM software, the user must accept the conditions expressed in Disclaimer and Legal in general and the "Disclaimer for OLM Software" statement below in particular.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (Department) and the (Receiver) hereby agree that the release of software from this site shall be in accordance with and subject to the following conditions, restrictions, and provisions:

  1. The Receiver releases the Department from all liability resulting from any inaccuracies in the computer software provided.
  2. Acceptance of the computer software by the Receiver does not imply current or future support of this software by the Department for use by the Receiver, or that any future revisions of this software will be provided.


  • Map Projection and Parameter Information
    • This page provides an explanation of the Minnesota County Coordinate System the parameters necessary to perform conversions of coordinates between map projections used in the State of Minnesota.
  • Office of Land Management Software
    • Software includes:
      • Projection and Coordinate Conversion Software
        • MnCon
      • MnDOT Survey Software
        • MnCogo32
        • MnDataSheet
        • MnGetDataSheets
        • MnLevel
        • MnLTrans
        • MnMultShot
        • MnTrans
        • MnViewControl
        • HP33s Programs
        • HP35s Programs