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Access Management


Addressing access management during project development allows the state to maintain a safe flow of traffic while also allowing access to development along the corridor.

When to use this subject

Use on every project. The state manages access during the planning, design, and implementation phases of its highway projects in order to maintain a safe flow of traffic while accommodating the access needs of adjacent development.

For specific process information, see the process, other guidance, and/or contact the individual on the contact page.

How this subject fits into the overall project development process

Start working on this process in the scoping stage. Depending on the extent of access changes under consideration for the project:

  • The purchase of private access rights is part of the right of way process
  • Relocation of private of access impacts construction limits and requires public engagement with impacted property owners and compensation for either temporary construction or permanent easements
  • Temporary access closures during construction require public engagement with impacted property owners

Organizations involved

  • MnDOT:
    • Contract Management Section
    • Office of Land Management
    • Office of Transportation System Management
    • Project Managers
    • District Design
    • District Construction
    • District Right of Way/Land Management
    • District Permits
  • FHWA
  • Municipalities and counties
  • Private Business Owners