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For technical questions about topics covered in TPDP, reach out to the topic experts identified under the Contacts link on each subject guidance or functional group page.

TPDP is a joint effort between the MnDOT Office of Project Management and Technical Support and numerous authors across MnDOT. For questions or comments about environmental content, contact Tara Carson. For other questions or comments about the TPDP website, contact Paul Jung.

If you have a question or comment for MnDOT on a topic other than the TPDP website, submit general MnDOT questions.

Instructions for TPDP Authors

For minor content changes, contact Bri Raftevold and describe the change or send a screen shot with the webpage URL. For more significant text changes, copy the applicable text from the website, paste it into a Word document, make edits using the track changes function, and email Tara Carson for environmental subjects or Paul Jung for all other guidance.

Also, reach out to Paul or Tara if you have any questions about the placement of your guidance, would like to submit additional guidance, or have any other questions about the TPDP website.