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Approved/Qualified Products

Preformed Thermoplastic Markings

NOTE: Only products not requiring preheating of the surface will be approved.


Product Manufacturer Meets Enhanced Skid Resistance (ESR) requirements? Approval Date Provisional Letter
DuraTherm® (Crosswalk Use Only) Ennis Flint Yes 5/1/2008 -
PreMark Ennis Flint   7/13/2009 -
PreMark ViziGrip Ennis Flint Yes 9/3/2014 -
Optamark Geveko Markings, Inc.   9/14/2020 -
OPTATRAC™, White Only Geveko Markings, Inc. Yes Provisional to 12/31/2022 Geveko Markings, Inc. Optatrac-White Only Provisional Letter (PDF)
PREFORM (PSFW), White Only Preform, LLC   Provisional to 12/31/2022

PREFORM (PSFW), White Only Provisional Letter (PDF)