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What is Planning and Programming?

MnDOT’s Planning and Programming responsibilities consist of a range of activities. These include writing plans, conducting data analysis, reviewing performance outcomes, and managing the capital program.

Current Activities

MnDOT finalized updates to the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan, 20-Year Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan in January 2017. Visit MinnesotaGO to read the final plans.

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan was updated in June 2017. A final version of the plan will be available shortly. View the draft plan.

MnDOT is now accepting applications for matching funds for state highway construction projects in 2018-2020 with measurable economic benefits. Learn more about the TED program and download the application.

News & Notes

MnDOT created a Public Engagement Policy in September 2016. The Public Engagement policy focuses on internal duties and responsibilities related to plans, projects, programs, services and activities. View MnDOT's Public Engagement Policy.

In August 2016, MnDOT adopted the updated Statewide Bicycle System Plan. The updated plan provides a framework for how bicycling needs and interests will be met in the state. View MnDOT's updated Statewide Bicycle System Plan.

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