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Urban freight perspectives study

MnDOT Metro District

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About this study

The Urban Freight Perspectives study focused on enhancing freight mobility in MnDOT’s Metro District by improving communication with freight stakeholders and integrating freight considerations into the district’s project development process. The study focused on how to integrate key takeaways from past freight planning work into Metro District’s project development process.

In addition to linking freight planning efforts to implementation, the study developed a “living” database with corridor-level freight information to help district project managers develop projects that integrate freight issues into the design process and address freight impacts during construction.

Collecting freight information

The study combined stakeholder information and data analytics to develop a GIS-based database tool to identify specific freight needs. The database was designed to help Metro District area and project managers identify key freight issues during project development and construction activities. Specifically, this database will be used to inform the project-level, pre-scoping process.

Database inputs
  • Roadway characteristics
  • Freight stakeholder input
  • Truck travel patterns
  • Key freight facilities
  • Key freight origins and destinations
  • Major freight generators