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Highway 36

Roseville, Little Canada and Maplewood

About this study

Highway 36 between I-35W in Roseville and English Street in Maplewood study location map
Hwy 36 study location map.
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MnDOT is looking ahead to the future of Hwy 36 in Roseville, Little Canada and Maplewood. This 8-mile segment of Hwy 36 is a vital east/west route for many, including commuters, shoppers, students and local residents. For people going north and south, crossing Hwy 36 can be inconvenient and require out-of-direction travel, especially by bike or on foot.

This study will take a holistic, all-encompassing approach to understanding the needs of people who travel along Hwy 36, as well as those who need to cross it. The study team will collect and analyze data for people traveling by car, on foot, by bike and those hauling freight. The team will also ask for public input at community meetings, events and in surveys.

Understanding people’s travel needs will allow the team to suggest and evaluate new ideas for long-range improvements to Hwy 36. These could include changes to lanes on the mainline; adding EZ-Pass lanes; adding more transit; having sidewalks and bike lanes at all crossings; improving conditions for freight haulers; and other ideas.

Summary of work

  • Report on existing conditions
  • Ask people to share their transportation needs
  • Produce a document that identifies the issues and problems in the study area, called a purpose and need statement
  • Brainstorm new ideas for long-range improvements
  • Evaluate the ideas using an alternatives analysis, and get public input
  • Eliminate ideas that are unreasonable
  • Describe next steps to advance the most promising ideas