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Advanced Materials and Technology

Forms & Worksheets

Forms indicated below with "macro" are macro workbooks requiring Excel 2013 or later with macros enabled. Please see How to Enable Macros in Excel.

(2016) Quality Management – Intelligent Construction Technologies (ICT) Methods

IC and PMTP Method Submittal Review
  • ICT-101-102-103 (for Veta 6.0) (To Be Available Soon) macro
    • ICT-101 Review of Veta Filter Group Settings
    • ICT-102 Review for Potentially Missing Data
    • ICT-103 Random Review of Analyses
Other Resources

Automated Machine Guidance – Milling Method

  • Trimble Systems
  • Other Vendors
    • The Department will modify the current AMG-103 form for use with other vendor imports as these data sets become available. Please contact the AMT unit if you are using a different vendor and be prepared to provide sample data to assist the Department with determining the needed form modifications.

Automated Machine Guidance - Muck Excavation