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Advanced Materials & Technology (AMT)

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Advanced Materials and Technology

Forms & Worksheets

Forms indicated below with "macro" are macro workbooks requiring Excel 2013 or later with macros enabled. Please see How to Enable Macros in Excel.

Intelligent Compaction (IC) Method

Other Resources

Paver Mounted Thermal Profile (PMTP) Method

IC and PMTP Method Submittal Review

  • ICT-101-102-103 (for Veta 5.2) (10/16/2019) macro
    • ICT-101 Review of Veta Filter Group Settings
    • ICT-102 Review for Potentially Missing Data
    • ICT-103 Random Review of Analyses

Refer to Veta Project and Forms Submittal Review Workflow in Manuals, Guides & Videos for other review requirements.

Machine Guided Excavation (3D-PMS)