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Rolled Erosion Prevention Products

MnDOT projects are now using a new standard specification 3885 for Rolled Erosion Prevention Products (REPP).  This new spec first appeared in the boilerplate special provisions in January 2020 and will be published in the 2020 spec book.  The rollout of this new spec to county and municipal projects will vary, so always check the plan to see which spec is being used.

The REPP spec revision updates categories to better align with usage patterns and updates product criteria and testing requirements.  The new spec also eliminates plastic from any temporary products to prevent entangling wildlife and mowing equipment and reduce plastic and microplastic pollution.  Plastics are still allowed for use in permanent products such as Turf Reinforcement Mats and Flexible Geogrid Mats.  The revisions were made with input from manufacturers, vendors, contractors, interagency partners, and MnDOT staff.
During this product category transition the Office of Environmental Stewardship is ready to assist.  Contact Ken Graeve, 651-366-3613, kenneth.graeve@state.mn.us with any questions.

How do 2020 products compare to previous products?

This table provides a simple reference to compare product categories between the 2020 and 2018 specifications. Notice that 2020 product categories have two-digit numbers whereas categories from the 2018 and earlier specifications use single-digit numbers.


The new Rolled Erosion Prevention Product specification is currently located in the MnDOT Special Provisions 2018 Boiler Plate. Open the document and search for the following:

  • Installation requirements: 2575 Establishing Turf and Controlling Erosion (Rolled Erosion Prevention Products)
  • Material Requirements: 3885 Rolled Erosion Prevention Products

Flow chart (REPP Decision Matrix)

Call or email to request a copy of the Rolled Erosion Prevention Product decision matrix flow chart.

Approved Products List

The 2020 list shows products that have been approved for the new specification.  The 2018 and older lists show products that have been approved for the corresponding specifications. 

How are products added to the Approved Products List?

The following document explains the application, testing requirements, and review process used to add products to the APL.

What if a product is missing from the Approved Products List?

The following document provides guidance on bidding and substitutions if there is a category on the APL without any products in it.

Standard Plans

Permanent Erosion Control Standard Plans

  • Standard Plan 404 shows details for installation of temporary rolled erosion prevention products, also known as erosion control blanket

Plastic Sheeting Standard Plans

  • Standard Plan 409 shows details for installation and anchoring of plastic sheeting, which is used to prevent erosion on stockpiles and other areas of bare soil that are being worked frequently but need to be covered at the end of each day.

Bioengineering Soil Stabilization Standard Plans

  • Standard Plan 407 shows details for using wattles, live stakes, and brush layering for slope stabilization.