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Erosion Control and Stormwater Management


Erosion control permits

Agency Area of Coordination and/or Approval
Department of Natural Resources Any project or work affecting "public or private water." Reference: Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 105.
Watershed Districts "Regulate improvements of the beds, banks, and shores of lakes, streams, and marshes...to preserve the same for beneficial use." Reference: Minnesota Statues, Chapter 112.
County Commissions and Joint County Ditch Authorities Drainage ditch systems located respectively: (1) completely within county limits or, (2) in two or more counties or servicing more than one county. Reference: Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 106. Note: In some cases Watershed Districts have begun representing the county commissions and Joint County Ditch Authorities on these matters.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 10 permits: "for all work in, over or under navigable waters of the United States." Reference: River and Harbor Act of 1899. Section 404 permits: "for work affecting the 'waters' of the United States." Reference: Federal Water Pollution Act of 1972. Note: Nationwide permits by the Department of the Army were granted in 1977 for certain "noncontroversial, environmentally insignificant activities." These permits exempt certain activities from further involvement in the Sections 10 and 404 permit process.
U.S. Coast Guard Bridges, causeways, overhead pipelines, and work affecting Coast Guard navigational aids.
NPDES Permit NPDES program guidance from the MPCA and permit and application forms


Title Description
MOU between MnDOT and MPCA NPDES Phase II Construction Storm-water Permit (PDF)
MOU between MnDOT and MPCA Preliminary Approval for Design Build projects under NPDES (PDF)