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Hwy 23

New London

Project update (5-3-23)

  • District 8 has been awarded $2.5 million dollars in federal safety funding to improve safety at the intersection. The funding is made possible through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). Funding can be used for whichever concept is selected, but additional funding will be needed to fund either improvement (interchange or roundabout) as the $2.5 million dollar award only covers a portion of the total project cost.
  • No decision has been made, both the interchange and roundabout concepts are being considered.
  • The formal community input process, as part of re-analyzing of the intersection, is complete.
  • MnDOT staff are working on looking for potential funding sources and starting the environmental process for both the interchange and roundabout concepts.
  • Kandiyohi County has submitted the interchange for Corridors of Commerce funding. Corridors of Commerce recently notified applicants that award announcements will be made after the 2023 legislative session instead of on May 1.
  • With this funding announcement being pushed back, an announcement for the selected safety improvement at this intersection must also be pushed back.
  • A decision on a selected safety improvement is now anticipated in mid-to-late summer.

Hwy 23 safety improvement project

  • MnDOT is re-analyzing a safety improvement for the intersection of Hwy 23 and Hwy 9 in New London. A J-turn was planned, but hearing concerns, MnDOT made the decision to pause the project and re-engage the community.
  • The decision to pause the J-turn project means that the intersection will remain substantially as is. Depending on the selected safety improvement, construction of an improvement could be delayed until 2024 or later.

map of intersection of Hwy 23 and Hwy 9 in New London

LED warning signs

  • MnDOT is moving forward with the installation of LED intersection warning signs at the intersection of Hwy 23 and Hwy 9 in New London. Click here to see an image of the signs and locations.
  • The warning signs are a short-term improvement that can be implemented while a safety improvement is being re-evaluated.

Community input process