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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a detour for the project?

  • Yes, a detour for the reconstruction in Sacred Heart will be necessary. More information regarding the detour will be available in spring of 2022. MnDOT will be going back out to the public with more information.

How will business and resident access be maintained during construction?

  • Access to business will remain open during construction. This will be done by either building the access half at a time or by constructing a temporary access. MnDOT construction staff will be in contact with business owners to communicate access accommodations during construction. More information regarding access during construction will be available in spring of 2022.

The project includes an alternate bid, what does this mean?

  • An alternative bid means that the project is designed with both a concrete and bituminous (black-top) pavement option. Contractors then place their bid for either option and the final pavement type is selected at the time that the project bids are opened.

Where can I learn more about what changes are being made to my driveway?

  • Changes to driveways are shown on the project layout. The project will rebuild your driveway between the roadway and the sidewalk. In some cases, a portion of your driveway between the sidewalk and your house will also need to be rebuilt. Proposed driveway revisions will be presented to residents as part of the MnDOT right of way process. You will be contacted by a MnDOT staff to discuss.

Will streetlights be included with the project?

  • New streetlights will be included at the locations shown on the project layout. Existing free standing roadway lighting between 1st and 3rd Avenue will be replaced with new lighting units. Other existing lighting units found on power poles in the city will stay in place. Streetlight locations can be viewed on the virtual open house.

Is on-street parking being impacted?

  • With the higher amount of truck and agricultural traffic on Hwy 212, the project will have on-street parking that is 10-feet wide through town except between 1st and 3rd Avenue where 12-feet of parking will be provided. The project layout can be viewed on the virtual open house.

How is drainage being addressed with the project?

  • Two storm water ponds are planned as part of storm sewer upgrades. A dry pond (basin where standing water is maintained for a short period of time before completely draining) will be located north of Hwy 212 between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. A wet pond (basin with permanent standing water) will be south of Hwy 212 just east of Washington Avenue. The storm water ponds are essential to capture and store runoff from the roadways to minimize the risk of flooding.

Will my property be impacted? When will MnDOT connect with me?

  • Locations where property will need to be purchased from the property owner are shown on the project layout. MnDOT is in the process of contacting individual land owners. For questions, please contact Project Manager Ron Mortensen at 320-905-0163 or via email at ronald.mortensen@state.mn.us.

Are the ponds safe? Will they attract bugs?

  • Ponds will be designed per MnDOT standards and will allow for a 10 foot flat bench area from the edge of the water to a steeper drop off within the pond. It is MnDOT policy that mosquito control for the pond is the responsibility of the municipality. The City of Sacred Heart is investigating options for reducing mosquitos in the wet pond located on the east side of Sacred Heart.

How can I stay connected between now and when construction takes place?

  • You can sign up for project email and text updates on this project site. MnDOT District 8 also has a Facebook group and can be followed on Twitter.