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Hwy 29 - 3rd Ave


2023 Demonstration Project

Starting the week of October 2, MnDOT, in collaboration with the city of Alexandria, will install a demonstration project on Highway 29 (Third Avenue). Users will encounter barrels and signs at crossings between Broadway and Nokomis Street until mid-October, weather permitting, to study:

  • Center median closures to improve pedestrian safety.
  • This will restrict left turns while allowing right turning movements.

Demonstration projects allow public agencies, community partners, and people walking, bicycling, taking transit, and driving to evaluate potential infrastructure improvements before potentially investing in permanent changes.

The demonstration project is being completed ahead of this winter as MnDOT will begin to prepare plans to construct medians on Third Avenue to improve safety for pedestrians and drivers. MnDOT has received safety funding for a project in 2025.

Demonstration components

The medians will be closed using barrels to restrict left turns at the following locations:

Week 1
  • Maple Street, Kenwood Street and Hawthorne Street.
Week 2
  • Lake Street, Jefferson Street and Hawthorne Street.

The demonstration will be in place until the end of October, weather permitting.


In 2022-23, MnDOT led a study with the city of Alexandria to provide alternatives and solutions to address the safety needs of pedestrians and bikers crossing the Hwy 29 (Third Avenue) corridor between Broadway Street and Nokomis Street.

A previous demonstration project at Kenwood Street was conducted in 2020 to test a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB).

Given the future addition of high-density residential developments and the city’s desire to improve the safety, both the current pedestrian study and previous plans recognized the need to improve safety as Third Avenue is seen as a barrier for bikers and walkers. Corridor simplification though the addition of raised medians was the preferred alternative. A demonstration project will help determine the locations for future median closures.

The Highway 29 Pedestrian study had the following goals:

  1. Improve safety for pedestrians and bikers crossing Hwy 29 (Third Avenue).
  2. Balancing the safety needs of all users (cars, trucks, bikes, pedestrians, and adjacent property owners).
  3. Create an environment to stimulate growth.
  4. Provide flexibility for near and long-term transportation needs.
  5. Improve access for non-motorized users to the Central Lakes Trail, Big Ole Central Park and downtown.