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UPDATE: The Hwy 108 reconstruction project has been rescheduled to 2033. MnDOT will perform preventative maintenance and drainage repairs in 2025.

Project details

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is partnering with the City of Henning for a reconstruction project on Highway 108 in Henning.

**Originally scheduled for 2024, the project has been postponed to 2033 to allow for additional coordination between the City of Henning and MnDOT. Preventative maintenance to repair the pavement surface and drainage will take place in 2025.

The project will address pavement concerns, pedestrian accessibility (ADA) requirements, and city utilities.

Hwy 108 pedestrian study.The City of Henning worked with MnDOT and PartnerSHIP 4 Health to conduct a planning study ahead of MnDOT's design phase. The planning study helped the city in securing a Transportation Alternative grant for sidewalk/trail improvements.

Key project elements

  • Reconstruct Highway 108 in Henning
  • City utility replacements
  • Downtown Complete Streets reconstruction
  • Sanitary sewer replacements
  • Storm sewer
  • Sidewalk improvements
  • Bicycle and pedestrian ADA accessibility upgrades
  • Possible realignment of Balmoral Avenue

Project impacts

  • Potential for additional right of way for construction
  • Construction impacts, such as detours, closures and delays
  • Environmental impacts, including tree removals
  • Business impacts

Project demonstration

In Sept. 2020, MnDOT conducted a small-scale demonstration of some of the proposed design features for the 2024 reconstruction project. Public feedback was collected via an online survey.

Some of the proposed ideas included:

  • Temporary striping and delineators between Second Street and Front Street to show proposed width adjustments to the driving lanes and parking lane
  • Mid-block bump out for proposed improvements to pedestrian crossing
  • Pedestrian bump out at each end of town at Marshall Avenue/Fourth Street and Minnesota Street

Feedback from the demonstration was also used to help inform MnDOT's Statewide Pedestrian Plan.