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Hwy 29 Overpass

Near Glenwood

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Construction impacts

  • Hwy 29 closed between CR 28 and 160th Street
    • Hwy 55 remains open throughout construction as part of the detour route.
  • Detour to/from Glenwood: CR 28, Hwy 55, Hwy 28
  • Detour to/from Starbuck: CR 28, Hwy 114

Project details

Map of Hwy 29 overpass work zone and detour routes to/from Glenwood and Starbuck

Map of work zones on Hwy 55 and Hwy 29

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and Pope County are partnering on a project to build an overpass at the junction of Hwy 29 and Hwy 55. The overpass will eliminate an “at grade” crossing with the CP Railway System.

The project will also eliminate the existing and undesirable skewed intersection of Hwy 29 and Hwy 55, moving the junction south to 160th Street and giving the intersection a perpendicular approach. Two roundabouts will be constructed as part of this project, one on Highway 29 and one on Highway 55 at the intersections with 160th Street. The entire project will take two construction seasons to complete.

Construction details

This project will be completed over two years to help minimize traffic impacts in the Glenwood area. Year 2 construction began on April 11, 2022!

Year 1 Construction - 2021 (COMPLETE!)

Key Project Elements
  • Built new alignment of Highway 55
  • Constructed Highway 55 roundabout at 160th Street
  • Reconstructed 160th Street, which connects Highway 55 and Highway 29

Year 2 Construction - 2022 (IN PROGRESS)

Map of Hwy 29 overpass work zone and detour routes to/from Glenwood and Starbuck
Year 2 detour and map showing full detour route that starts in June
Key Project Elements
  • Construction of the Highway 29 overpass
  • Construction of the roundabout on Highway 29 at 160th Street
  • Switch traffic to new Highway 55 alignment