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Hwy 10—St. Cloud to Clear Lake

Sherburne County

Corridor study complete

Hwy 10 study location map
Project location map between St. Cloud and Clear Lake. Select image to enlarge

The study identified future safety and access needs along ten miles of Hwy 10 between 15th Ave. SE in St. Cloud and Hwy 24 in Clear Lake, Sherburne County.

The study was completed in April 2023. It analyzed the corridor’s current and future demographics, land use/development, maintenance operations, road and drainage conditions and safety data. Public feedback received during the study supported the recommended improvements.

MnDOT thanks you for your participation in making this corridor study a success.

This study will assist us in planning projects in the future.

Results and recommendations

What we heard

Low cost option A map
Survey responses infographic. Select image to enlarge.

The online survey for public feedback on the six concepts closed Jan. 12, 2023. There were 223 survey responses and here is what we heard:

  • 95% said they had enough information to participate
  • 9% would like to have seen more intersection detail
  • 17% preferred the low-cost options
  • 29% preferred the medium-cost options
  • 54% preferred the high-cost options

Low and high-cost options

Two options are being recommended to address safety and mobility under different funding scenarios:
1. One low-cost
2. One high-cost

Why just these two?

A low-cost option allows MnDOT to address the issues with limited resources. A high-cost option positions MnDOT to be ready if funding becomes available to maximize improvements. A medium-cost option is not recommended because it had similar benefits to the low-cost option with significantly higher costs and impacts.

Why were the low and medium-cost options blended?

The concepts were modified to incorporate feedback from the public and the project Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

We took specific intersection feedback to create a combination that benefits heavy truck traffic and local trips. This included a recommendation from the TAC to create a J-turn at 12th St. and 60th St./Co. Rd. 60.

In general, J-turns were placed at intersections that would benefit local trips because they make it faster to cut across Hwy 10 and make U-turns. Acceleration lanes were used at intersections that see heavy truck traffic.

Addresses safety and mobility under a low-cost funding scenario

The low-cost option allows MnDOT to address the issues with limited resources.

Map of recommended low-cost options: Select image to enlarge.

Low cost option C - final recommendation


  • New roadway: frontage roads for local access along Hwy 10
  • Left onto Hwy 10: drivers on side streets can only turn left onto Hwy 10. No left turns off Hwy 10. Side streets cannot drive directly across Hwy 10. Turning right onto and off Hwy 10 is allowed
  • 3/4 intersection: right-in/right-out/left-in only access. No eastbound to westbound U-turn.
  • Acceleration lane: Drivers, especially commercial trucks, can increase speed and safely merge onto Hwy 10
  • Reduced conflict intersection: Also known as J-turn, drivers always make a right turn, followed by a U-turn
  • Signalized intersection: Stop light controls intersection traffic

Table of intersections from St. Cloud to Clear Lake:

Hwy 10 location


15th Ave/7th St SE in St.Cloud

Signalized intersection

Birch Ct/business Access

3/4 intersection (no eastbound to westbound U-turn)

Lincoln Ave./Co. Rd. 63

Remove access

12th St J-turn
Minnesota Blvd/Hwy 301 3/4 intersection
AMCON Concrete Products Access Remove access
Knife River access 3/4 intersection
Travel Information Center Entrance 3/4 intersection
Travel Information Center Exit Left onto Hwy 10 with acceleration lane
32nd St./Co. Rd. 3 Left onto Hwy 10 with acceleration lane
Between Co. Rd. 65 and Co. Rd 3 3/4 intersection
42nd St./Co. Rd. 65 Remove access
45th Ave./Co. Rd. 7 J-turn (Led by Sherburne County)
47th St./Co. Rd. 61 3/4 intersection
52nd St. Remove access
60th St./Co. Rd. 60 J-turn
64th St. Remove access
Haven Rd. Remove access
70th Ave. 3/4 intersection
75th Ave. Left-turn onto Hwy 10 with acceleration lane
3rd Ave. W 3/4 intersection
1st Ave. W Remove access
Hwy 24 in Clear Lake Signalized intersection

Addresses safety and mobility under a high-cost funding scenario

Hwy 10 freeway conversion alternative

This option positions MnDOT to be ready if funding becomes available to maximize improvements. Potential standalone projects are also possible.

Map of recommended high-cost options: Select image enlarge

Low cost option C - final recommendation

Table of map information:

Map color

Hwy 10


Estimated cost (2023)


Segment 1

Folded diamond interchange near 15th Ave. SE and frontage roads along the corridor

$29-33 million


Segment 2

Westbound access only and tight diamond interchange and frontage roads along the corridor

$73-84 million


Segment 3

Overpass in New Haven

$9-10 million


Segment 4

Tight diamond interchange in Clear Lake

$29-33 million

Updated April 5, 2022

  • Feedback survey on concept options held online Nov. 9, 2022 to Jan. 12, 2023.
  • Sherburne County hosted an open house at the Haven Town Hall on May 25, 2022
  • Public pop-up event held at the St. Cloud Travel Information Center on April 28, 2022
  • Public open house held at the Haven Town Hall on April 28, 2022

If funding becomes available, MnDOT would start preliminary engineering and an environmental analysis to see what could be constructed within the corridor and at what level. Current program funding has not yet been identified for this project.

To obtain the full corridor study, contact Steve Voss, planning director, 218-828-5779.