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Hwy 197- resurfacing


About the Project

picture of temporary pedestrian improvement project on Bemidji Ave and Sixth Street
A resurfacing project on Hwy 197 between Bemidji Ave and Partnership Dr will smooth out the pavement, and extend its service life until a future project can be planned, designed and constructed.

Summary of work

Resurfacing on Hwy 197 between Bemidji Ave and Hannah Ave will take place for about two weeks in September.

  • The driving surface is in poor condition
  • Resurfacing now will extend the service life of the pavement
  • A future, permanent project is planned to take place in about 10 years

Separate projects

There is a separate reconstruction project that will take place in 2026 between Gillette Dr and Hannah Ave

Traffic impacts

In order to lessen the impact on businesses and motorists, most of the work on this project will take place at night.

  • Night-time lane closures