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Environmental Assessment

Highway 11 Roseau to Warroad project location map

Highway 11 between Roseau and Warroad is scheduled for resurfacing in 2025

Review the Environmental Assessment

An Environmental Assessment/Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EA/EAW) is a process that evaluates the potential impacts of a project on the local community and natural environment.

An EA/EAW for the Highway 11 Reconditioning and Safety Improvements project between Roseau and Warroad is now available for public review and comment. Social, environmental, and economic impacts such as land use, water resources, air quality, noise and vibration, and others were evaluated for the entire length of the 20-mile project corridor that is scheduled to begin construction in spring 2025.

View the Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment can be viewed at the following locations:

Public comment period

A public comment period is open for 30 days, from Oct 24 to November 27, 2023, to review and make comments on the EA/EAW.

EA/EAW Location of public documents: Roseau Public Library, 121 Center Street E, Suite 100, Roseau, MN 56751
First public meeting date, time, location: Meetings available upon request.
Responsible governmental unit and contact: Minnesota Department of Transportation, Jim Bittmann, jim.bittmann@state.mn.us, 218-407-5893