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Virginia HQ relocation

St. Louis County

About this project

Map showing existing Virginia headquarters and proposed new headquarters location. Click to enlarge.

MnDOT District 1 Virginia headquarters is the next HQ replacement project in the MnDOT statewide plan. After many years of use, the facility is experiencing noticeable growing pains. Staff has worked to adapt the building over the years, but current needs are beyond physical limitations of the building envelope. Each department has a need for additional square footage, and some areas, like warm storage and repair shop, need additional space, interior ceiling clearance and updated building infrastructure. In addition, many of the building’s primary systems (mechanical, electrical, etc.) require upgrading for code compliance and energy efficiency.

To read the consultant's master plan for the headquarters relocation project, click here.

To see the Dec. 20, 2018, Fayal Town Hall meeting notes, click here.

Project history

  • November 2018: MnDOT completed a masterplan for a HQ replacement at the existing site in Virginia. Determined total site would require 20.8 acres. Existing site is approximately 15.5 buildable acres
  • Searched extensively for alternative building site. City of Virginia is interested in the exiting site due to its shortage of commercial property
  • Difficult to find suitable property for headquarters building considering neighborhood, zoning, site work, wetlands, access to city water and sewer, proximity to plow routes, contamination and finding a willing seller
  • 7907 Thunderbird Trail East seems to meet most of the criteria. Located south of Eveleth in Fayal Township on the southwest corner of St. Mary’s Lake along Hwy 53
    • St. Mary’s site is 33.9-acre gravel pit owned by the City of Eveleth, a willing seller
    • Could be developed into a 20-acre buildable site while maintaining wooded buffers from the lake, highway and adjacent properties
    • Fayal sanitary sewer is on the site
    • Eveleth city water is approximately 4,000 feet north of the site