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Two Harbors corridor project

Lake County

About the project

A rendering of the Hwy 61 Two Harbors project.

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In 2021-22, MnDOT conducted a corridor study along Hwy 61 through Two Harbors. We worked with the community to identify multiple improvement aspects of the corridor and presented the final corridor plan at the end of 2022. The project will be delivered over two construction years.

Corridor plan

The final corridor plan includes many new aspects. Some of the highlights include

  • Left turn from Scenic Drive to Hwy 61 is closed
  • Multi-use trail from Scenic Drive into town is separated from the roadway
  • Roundabout at the intersection of Hwy 61 and 7th Avenue
  • Multiple protected pedestrian crossing refuges and sidewalk improvements
  • Roundabout at the intersection of Hwy 61 and 11th Street
  • Retain existing traffic signal at the intersection of Hwy 61 and 4th Street
  • Park Road intersection improvements
  • Trail connections to future Gitchi Gami Trail

Below is the corridor plan broken into segments for easier viewing.

Roundabout information

Why were roundabouts chosen for this project? Why not traffic signals? Can large trucks and recreational vehicles navigate them? Find those answers and more in this document.

The Utah DOT Traffic and Safety division produced an informational video on roundabouts. It showcases the benefits of roundabouts (especially the safety benefit) to a wide variety of audiences. Roundabouts are not the perfect solution at all intersections, however, in the right locations, roundabouts can be a very safe and efficient way to move not just motor vehicles but pedestrians and bicyclists, too.

Corridor study objectives

  • Identify opportunities to improve the safety, mobility and operation of Hwy 61 through Two Harbors.
  • Study and recommend access management guidelines and best practices for the corridor to promote safety while accommodating accessibility needs of local businesses and owners.
  • Consider and incorporate bicycle and pedestrian recommendations (previously developed by State) within and around the community and determine where they should be served including compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Define necessary Purpose and Need statements for future environmental documentation.
  • Maintain the long-term goals of the City of Two Harbors.

There are many different facets of the corridor that this project will consider (including, but not limited to):

  • Motorized vehicle movements (passenger vehicles and heavy commercial (freight))
  • Bicycle and pedestrian movements and accommodations
  • Parking
  • User origins/destinations
  • Access management control
  • Traffic control
  • Lane configuration(s)