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London Road/Hwy 61

St. Louis County

About this project

A map  of the Hwy 61/London Road project area.

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Summary of work

  • Roundabouts at 26th Avenue East, 40th Avenue East
  • Enhanced intersection improvements (left turn lanes, raised pedestrian refuge islands)
  • Lane configuration/pavement marking modifications
  • Add missing pedestrian amenities
  • Drainage improvements
  • Pavement resurfacing
  • Replace existing sidewalk to meet ADA standards
  • Boulevard tree removal and replacement
  • Roadway lighting improvements
  • Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon for pedestrian crossing at 32nd Avenue East and 60th Avenue East

Project information

Roundabout renderings

Below are renderings of the roundabouts at both intersections.

Preliminary plans

Below are the preliminary plans showing the entire corridor’s proposed improvements. It is broken into two sections for easier viewing.

Project simulation

Below are traffic simulations at each of the proposed roundabouts.

Roundabout education

This video shows drone footage of a roundabout in West St. Paul with a similar traffic volume as London Road. It shows how vehicles navigate the roundabout, and at the 2:10 mark, it shows how pedestrians navigate it.

The Utah DOT Traffic and Safety division produced an informational video on roundabouts. It showcases the benefits of roundabouts (especially the safety benefit) to a wide variety of audiences. Roundabouts are not the perfect solution at all intersections, however, in the right locations, roundabouts can be a very safe and efficient way to move not just motor vehicles but pedestrians and bicyclists, too.

Intersection analysis

This document takes a look at why roundabouts were proposed at the three intersections instead of traffic signals.

Corridor survey

We had an overwhelming response to the 2021 corridor survey, with more than 2,200 people sharing their opinions. View a summary of the results.