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Sign Maintenance

Class code: 003677
Bargaining unit(s): 207
Classification title: Transportation Specialist
Function: Sign Maintenance
Kind of work: Senior level technical and/or specialized work, and/or lead worker.

Nature & purpose

Under general supervision an employee in this class provides difficult technical sign planning activities; provides daily work direction to a sign crew in the installation, repair, or fabrication of signs to maintain the operational status of the sign program; performs related work as required. (Typically, a district sign shop won’t have a Transportation Operations Supervisor overseeing the sign program, rather it will fall within the supervision of a para-engineering employee (Engineering Specialist Senior) or an engineer; therefore, the Transportation Specialist would provide updates to the direct supervisor and provide lead work direction for the entire sign shop.)

This level is different from the Transportation Generalist Senior in that at the Transportation Specialist level, employees plan and organize work based on deadlines, procedures and standards. The employee determines what will be done, how it will be done, and continually improves work processes.  At this level, an employee provides technical expertise and information in a specialized field to others.

An employee resolves most problems using theoretical principles and concepts of a specialized field as well as knowledge of and impact on the department’s programs.  The Transportation Specialist is considered the technical expert in a specialized area and provides technical support and expertise to others. A Transportation Specialist is responsible for completing or leading multiple complex projects and/or work activities and has a substantial degree of authority in planning, organizing and completing work.  Some employees at this level may perform as lead worker having considerable freedom to organize human, equipment, material, and other resources as well as prioritize, schedule, assign, direct, guide, and report on the work activities of other state employees.

Examples of work

A position may not include all the work examples given, nor does the list include all that may be assigned.

  • Serves as the technical expert for sign plans for the district.
  • Oversees the ongoing and daily responsibility for equipment, materials, and other resources; prioritizes, schedules, assigns, directs, guides and reports on the work activities of other state employees so that work is completed in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Designs sign plans and ensures the installation, repair, and removal of   permanent signs and messages are in accordance with the MUTCD and Traffic Engineer Manual and to insure the safety of the motoring and pedestrian public.
  • Develops emergency and temporary signing on detours, construction projects and other emergency projects so that the motoring public is guided safely through project areas on trunk highways.
  • Coordinates the installation of message painting/taping according to MUTCD and Traffic Engineer Manual to insure the safety of the motoring and pedestrian public.
  • Analyzes and schedules the staking of sign locations by contacting Gopher One and completing the on-line form to ensure that there are no utility lines damaged during sign installation.
  • Conducts day and night time field sign inspections to ensure signs and pavement markings are working properly.
  • Determines proper traffic control layout, performs traffic control, and/or develops traffic control plans in accordance with the Traffic Control Field Manual to ensure maximum safety of projects for employees and the traveling public.
  • Oversees and/or conducts the final inspection and placement of signs on construction projects to ensure they are placed according to plans, MUTCD and Traffic Control Field Manual.
  • Transfers and operates the full range of heavy equipment used by MnDOT so that work is accomplished as scheduled.
  • Inventories signs and materials so that new signs are ordered and Materials are on hand when needed.
  • Administers vendor contracts; oversees contracts and ensures they are meeting contractual agreements.
  • Catalogues a history of signs using a sign management system (SignTrack) so that charge outs and other paperwork are kept accurate and potential tort claims are minimized.

Knowledge, skills and abilities required to be proficient at the job 

Knowledge of:

  • Principles and practices of signing operations, sign repair procedures, sign standards, and/or pavement marking procedures.
  • MN Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Traffic Engineering Manual.
  • Knowledge of proper installation procedures for safe work conditions.
  • Experience with inventory management and database systems sufficient to manage inventory, run reports, and analyze information to make proper purchase/disposal decisions.
  • Gopher-One phone call protocols and cable locating procedures.
  • Working knowledge of English sufficient to read, write, speak
    and understand oral and written information; communicate with employees and the general public in-person or via two- way radio and other electronic devices; and to maintain
    routine written logs and simple records.

Skill in:

  • Using basic hand tools to handling materials (transporting, stockpiling, and mixing).

Ability to:

Equipment - Perform routine scheduled maintenance; calibrate, set up and adjust equipment; and drive and operate mobile equipment including boom, when necessary.
Information Technology – Operate a personal computer and various software applications.  Conduct mapping, filtering information into databases and spreadsheets.  Draft sign plans using Microstation and ArcMap.  Oversee and implement inventory management databases.
Interpersonal - Work cooperatively with peers.  Ability to receive verbal instruction and direction.
Leadership – Oversee the quality and timeliness of work as demonstrated by completing assigned tasks, reporting work progress, and demonstrating behavior consistent with department directions; lead crews as demonstrated by functioning as a team leader.
Math - Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers and all units of measure including fractions, decimals, and percentages.
Oral Communication - Articulate job-related questions and comprehend answers.  Communicate in a team setting.
Problem Solving – Follow verbal instructions and work under the direction of others sufficient to complete work assignments; work independently and solve non-routine technical, process or people related problems to complete work tasks.
Reading - Comprehend notes, letters, memos, electronic mail (Outlook), white papers, proposals, departmental forms, instructional manuals, and highway plans.
Written Communication - Generate notes, letters, memos and departmental forms using Outlook and other computer applications.
Technical – Interpret sign information to determine appropriate sign activities. When necessary, set up work zones and develop work zone plans using the MN Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devises; install permanent and temporary signs; monitor sign and other material inventories.

Licenses, Certifications:

Some positions may require a driver’s license, as well as endorsements, specific to position demands and/or equipment required to perform the job within the work area posted.

Technical certifications may be required specific to position demands and will be documented on the posting as to the justification of why specific certifications are necessary.

  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License with no Air Brake restriction.
  • Some positions may require TAPE Certifications.

Minimum Qualifications:

Includes years of experience, education, and training required at the time of application to be considered eligible for the vacancy. The level of experience to perform this job at the TS level can be achieved with:

  • Four years of experience performing sign operations (e.g. sign repair and installation, sign fabrication, message painting, etc.);


  • Three years of experience performing sign operations and one year of experience performing a combination of any of the following:  sign installation and maintenance, roadway, roadside or bridge maintenance, driving commercial vehicles, operating heavy equipment, farm experience, snow
    plow operations, road construction, construction inspection, permits, materials/soils testing, etc. 
  • Working knowledge of English sufficient to read, write, speak and understand oral and written information; communicate with employees and the general public in-person or via two-way radio and other electronic devices; and to maintain routine written logs and simple records.

Physical capabilities and environmental work conditions:

The physical demands of this job will vary, but typically requires lifting up to 100 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects and/or tools weighing 50-pounds.  This job also may require walking or standing to a significant degree on rough terrain or may involve sitting with pushing and pulling of arm and/or leg controls.  This job will require strenuous manual labor including but not limited to digging, shoveling, hauling, crawling, bending, pushing, pulling and climbing.

Weather elements:

May require frequent exposure to weather elements (both hot and cold) on a daily basis.



  • 2-15-12 Deleted degree
  • 5-23-13 Removed Degree


Former Titles:

  • N/A