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Right of Way

Class code: 003676
Bargaining unit(s): 207
Classification title: Transportation Generalist Senior
Function: Right of Way
Kind of work: Intermediate level technical, skilled work and /or lead worker.

Nature & purpose

Under general supervision, an employee in this class performs skilled technical work associated with right of way pre-acquisition/acquisition and right of way management; and performs related work as required.  An employee in this class may provide intermittent daily work direction.

This level is different from the Transportation Generalist in that at the Transportation Generalist Senior level, an employee initiates and/or prioritizes work activities, completes a variety of work assignments, and chooses the methods in which to complete work using acquired knowledge of the function.  An employee resolves semi-routine yet uncommon problems by searching for solutions learned from experience.  An employee is responsible for completing multiple projects and/or work activities with competing deadlines and may set some priorities in the completion of work.  Some employees at this level may perform as lead worker having considerable freedom to organize human, equipment, material, and other resources as well as prioritize, schedule, assign, direct, guide, and report on the work activities of other state employees.

Examples of work

A position may not include all the work examples given, nor does the list include all that may be assigned.

  • Performs technical activities related to the preparation and completion of right of way information to enable timely submittal of right of way packages so project remains on schedule.
  • Produces right of way layouts in accordance with CADD standards and compiles supporting documentation related to the preparation, completion and submittal of right of way packages to ensure adherence to program schedule.
  • Performs technical activities related to reconveyances, turnbacks, leases, limited use permits, and access control changes to ensure compliance with statutes, policies and regulations. 
  • Creates and maintains files and records pertaining to pre/post right of way acquisition activities according to standards to keep information current and facilitate easy retrieval of files and records.
  • Provides information on the history, composition and use of right of way to ensure MnDOT right of way is clearly identified and appropriately managed.
  • Mentors and assists in the development of employees new to right of way activities.
  • Assists in compiling accurate documentation of right of way information by conducting thorough searches of information and land records.
  • Prepares exhibits and related right of way information for use at eminent domain meetings, hearings or trials.
  • Responds to public inquiries and contacts utilities.
  • Maintains or secures buildings acquired as part of the right of way acquisition process after MnDOT has taken possession.
  • Performs basic preparation of building demotion sheets sufficient to describe amount and type of work required by contractor for inclusion in construction contract.
  • Conducts right of way field reviews as necessary such that non-encroachment certificates can be issued.

Knowledge, skills and abilities required to be proficient at the job 

Knowledge of:

  • Right of Way, real estate and land acquisition principles, practices and procedures, and access control principles, practices and procedures sufficient to provide assistance with right of way activities.
  • Civil engineering technical standards sufficient to provide
    assistance with right of way activities. 
  • Design standards and planning principles, practices and procedures to effectively provide assistance with right of way activities.
  • Federal law and statutory requirements, state statutes and regulatory requirements sufficient to provide assistance with right of way activities.
  • Working knowledge of English sufficient to read, write, speak and understand oral and written information; communicate with employees and the general public in-person or via two-way radio and other electronic devices; and to maintain routine written logs and simple records.

Skill in:

  • Use of basic hand tools as demonstrated by using drills, hammers, etc.
  • Operation of CADD (Microstation) and GeoPak software sufficient to produce right of way layouts, exhibits and final mapping.

Ability to:

Equipment – Handle materials as demonstrated by ordering materials and transporting equipment and supplies; perform routine, scheduled preventive maintenance as demonstrated by coordinating right of way equipment and vehicle maintenance. 
Information Technology – Enter data as demonstrated by entry of time into timesheet and information into right of way database program; create and edit data files as demonstrated by originating and editing of files, basic memos or letters, and spreadsheets and Power Point presentations; use CADD (Microstation and GeoPak) software to edit shapes and lines and produce right of way mapping; use EDMS and REALMS to maintain right of way records.
Interpersonal – Work cooperatively with peers as demonstrated by understanding and carrying out verbal instructions and directions within a work group; interact with customers, stakeholders and co-workers as demonstrated by reporting and reviewing work progress; train or mentor others to perform tasks or operate equipment. 
Leadership – Take responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work as demonstrated by completing assigned tasks, reporting work progress, and demonstrating behavior consistent with department direction; lead crews or perform as lead on part of a project; look for opportunities to improve processes.
Math – Perform pre-algebra problems, performing operations with monomials sufficient to calculate ratios, proportions, equations and formulas; geometry and trigonometry sufficient to calculate areas, angles and distances.
Oral Communication – Articulate job-related questions in order to fully comprehend work assignment; deliver pre-planned informational presentations to groups; answer questions from the public in one-on-one situations, either in the field or by telephone.
Problem Solving – Receive, understand and carry out verbal instructions sufficient to complete work assignment; work independently to resolve routine technical, procedural or work team issues.
Reading – Read and understand notes, letters, memos, electronic mail, proposals, department forms and policies, instruction manuals, construction plans, MnDOT manuals and spec books sufficient to facilitate effective job performance.  Read and interpret right of way maps sufficient to understand line types, parcel numbers and locations.  Read and interpret titles and legal descriptions sufficient to locate right of way parcels and property rights information.
Written Communication – Write notes, letters, memos, basic reports and proposals, and complete forms; generate building demolition sheets. 

Licenses, Certifications:

Some positions may require a driver’s license, as well as endorsements, specific to position demands and/or equipment required to perform the job within the work area posted.

Technical certifications may be required specific to position demands and will be documented on the posting as to the justification of why specific certifications are necessary.

Minimum Qualifications:

Include years of experience, education, training, licenses and certifications required at the time of application to be considered eligible for the vacancy. The level of experience to perform this job at the TGS level can be achieved with at least:

  • Two years of experience performing right of way activities;


  • Two  years of experience performing duties that include inspection and processing of right of way permits, construction plan reading, surveying, design, pre-design, Traffic Engineering, right of way review AND/OR water resource plan review.
  • Note:  A Two year Civil or Construction Technology Degree or the following four year degrees:  Architectural, Civil or Mechanical Engineering; Land Surveying / Geomatics; or equivalent may substitute for one year of experience. (In order for education coursework to be considered in lieu of work experience you must submit a copy of your transcripts).
  • Working knowledge of English sufficient to read, write, speak and understand oral and written information; communicate with employees and the general public in-person or via two-way radio and other electronic devices; and to maintain routine written logs and simple records.
  • Field positions require a Class D driver’s license.

Physical capabilities and environmental work conditions:

Requires occasionally lifting such articles as file boxes and heavy hand tools or heavier materials with help from others and/or lifting and carrying light objects frequently.  A job in this category may require a significant degree of walking and/or standing on uneven ground or may involve sitting most of the time with a degree of pushing and pulling of arm and/or leg controls.



  • 2-15-12 Updated degree
  • 5-26-16: Expanded minimum qualifications


Former Titles:

  • Highway Technician Intermediate – KH:  DI1 132;  C2 (22) 29;  C1I 33;  WC:  12  =  206