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Contract Administration

Class code: 003677
Bargaining unit(s): 207
Classification title: Transportation Specialist
Function: Contract Administration (Roadway and/or Bridge Construction)
Kind of work:Senior level technical and/or specialized work.

Nature & purpose

Under limited supervision, an employee in this class performs difficult technical work related to Contract Administration (Roadway and/or Bridge Construction) activities and performs related work as required.

This level is different from the Transportation Generalist Senior level in that at the Transportation Specialist level, an employee plans and organizes work based on deadlines, procedures and standards.  An employee determines what shall be done and how it will be done and continually improves work processes.  At this level, an employee provides technical expertise and information, in a specialized field, to others. 

An employee resolves most problems using theoretical principles and concepts of a specialized field as well as knowledge of and impact on the department’s programs.  An employee is considered the technical expert in a specialized area and provides technical support and expertise to others.  An employee is responsible for completing or leading a complex project and/or work activities and has a substantial degree of authority in planning, organizing and completing work.  Employees at this level will perform as lead worker having considerable freedom to organize human, equipment, material, and other resources as well as prioritize, schedule, assign, direct, guide, and report on the work activities of other state employees.

Examples of work

A position may not include all the work examples given, nor does the list include all that may be assigned.

  • Acts as Chief Inspector on complex multi-phase or multi-operational projects, reporting to and working under the general guidance of a project engineer/principal engineer to ensure successful completion of projects.
  • Leads inspection crew on a complex multi-phase or multi-operational project coordinating personnel and work assignments.
  • Directs materials testing and performs occasional sampling and material testing in the field, analyzes test results and assures materials meet MnDOT specifications to secure certification of a construction project and determine the impact of test results and make recommendations related to materials, structural integrity for roadway and/or bridge construction projects.
  • Performs highly complex inspection activities, monitors project progress, and assures all inspected work is accomplished in accordance with contract requirements.
  • Performs complex documentation to record quantity and quality of materials and completes required reports in accordance with contract requirements.
  • Applies enforcement procedures to the contract for the most complex projects or as referred by the Assistant Chief Inspector to ensure successful completion of projects.
  • Monitors traffic control and encourages safe contractor practices, ensures personal safety is protected and ensures the project is completed to applicable safety practices, rules, and programs.
  • Develops solutions to unforeseen construction problems and/or issues in the field, serves as the contact for field personnel and the primary focal point for contractors and project engineers, communicates relevant information and knows the “go-to” people in all areas of MnDOT for help in resolving problems in the field.
  • Directs, trains, or performs the measuring, completing, documenting and entering the required project documentation into Field Ops.
  • Generates vouchers from the field and processes and distributes to Finance and the Contract Project Engineer in order to pay the contractor and/or to track payments.
  • Coordinates construction inspection supplies and equipment to ensure needed supplies and equipment are available when needed.
  • Directs the activities of bituminous and concrete Plant Inspectors to ensure materials meet specifications and requirements.

Office Manager – Contract Administration (Roadway and Bridge Construction)

  • Performs all construction office duties at the Resident Engineer’s Office.
  • Reviews and maintains project records for technical compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Coordinates construction office activities and processes and tracks project expenses and activities; and reviews final payments made to contractors to ensure they are procedurally sound and substantially accurate monetarily.
  • Performs general assessment and general audit reviews to verify the validity of project records and support documentation submitted from the field for final payment.
  • Makes presentations to various size groups of state, county and municipal engineering personnel on contract time.
  • Reviews Special Provisions concerning contract time and liquidated damage provisions so contract time provisions can be administered in accordance with the contract specifications and MnDOT policies.
  • Checks contractor payrolls, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reports, On-The-Job Training reports and distributes to correct agencies to ensure contract requirements are met.
  • Assist in preparing and processing Supplemental Agreements, Justification Memos, Work Orders, Change Orders, and Encumbrance Letters as designated by engineers to ensure proper documentation and timely payment is made.

Knowledge, skills and abilities required to be proficient at the job 

Knowledge of:

  • MnDOT policies and procedures; state and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules and regulations; construction contract requirements; construction materials; organizational knowledge; and extensive knowledge and application of roadway and bridge construction activities sufficient to direct the activities of project inspectors, complete project documentation, accomplish highly technical inspection activities; resolve issues in the field; and apply contract enforcement procedures so the project is completed within the terms of the contract and contract administration is completed in accordance with MnDOT policy and MnMUTCD.
  • Working knowledge of English sufficient to read, write, speak and understand oral and written information; communicate with employees and the general public in-person or via two-way radio and other electronic devices; and to maintain routine written logs and simple records.

Skill in:

  • Use of computer hardware and software.
  • Use of safety equipment.
  • Use of materials testing equipment.

Ability to:

  • Use specialized equipment to perform very precise, exacting operations where maintaining close tolerances are critical to the successful completion of the job. 
Information Technology
  • Use software to generate reports and graphs (Crystal reports, TIS, WMS, ARTEMIS, photo maps, and trans-plan reports).
  • Negotiate with contractors and representatives from other jurisdictions or organizations.
  • Lead crews. 
  • Look for opportunities to improve processes.
  • Solve advanced geometry and trigonometry problems. 
  • Describe and use angle properties and characteristics. 
  • Calculate area, volume, and geometric characteristics of all plane and solid shapes.
Oral Communication
  • Participate in open group discussions and debates. 
  • Serve as panel member in structured discussions. 
  • Negotiate in order to make or change decisions.
Problem Solving
  • Function as a certified/degreed “expert” from a recognized educational/vocational/professional organization.  Serve as an “expert” who can answer questions related to unique or rarely seen circumstances or issues.
  • Comprehend legal documents such as contracts, policies, and statutes.
Written Communication
  • Generate technical documents such as instructional manuals, policy guidelines, or construction plans.

Licenses, Certifications:

Some positions may require a driver’s license, as well as endorsements, specific to position demands and/or equipment required to perform the job within the work area posted.

Technical certification will be required specific to position demands and will be documented on the posting as to the justification of why specific certifications are necessary.

Minimum Qualifications:

Include years of experience, education, training, certifications, and licenses required at the time of application to be considered eligible for the vacancy.         

  • The level of experience to perform this job at the Transportation Specialist level can be achieved with four (4) years of experience performing Contract Administration (roadway and/or bridge construction) activities or related activities.
  • Note:  A Two year Civil or Construction Technology Degree or the following four year degrees:  Architectural, Civil or Mechanical Engineering; Land Surveying / Geomatics; or equivalent may substitute for one year of experience. (In order for education coursework to be considered in lieu of work experience you must submit a copy of your transcripts).
  • Working knowledge of English sufficient to read, write, speak and understand oral and written information; communicate with employees and the general public in-person or via two-way radio and other electronic devices; and to maintain routine written logs and simple

Physical capabilities and environmental work conditions:

Requires occasionally lifting articles such as 75 pounds bags of sample materials maximum and frequent lifting and/or carrying objects such as heavy tools and file boxes.  This job may require walking or standing to a significant degree on rough terrain or may involve sitting most of the time with pushing and pulling of arm and/or leg controls. 



  • 2-15-12 Updated degree
  • 6-10-13 Updated lifting requirements

Former Titles:

  • Highway Technician Senior