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MnDOT District Bicycle Plans

Graphic showing the 5 steps taken to complete the District Bicycle Plans, which included reviewing state corridors, confirming regionally significant corridors, running a suitability analysis, identifying investment routes, and performing a prioritization exercise

MnDOT’s District Bicycle Plans are a key step toward realizing the vision of the Statewide Bicycle System Plan. MnDOT and local partners worked together to identify roads and paths for future bicycle investment. Each District also created a scoring system based on policy from the Statewide Bicycle System Plan to guide future improvements.

The plans are an investment guidance tool, and not a route guide. Improvements to roads and paths across Minnesota will be shown on the State Bicycle Map over time.


Northeast - District 1

Northwest - District 2

Central - District 3

West Central - District 4

Twin Cities - Metro District

Southeast - District 6

South Central- District 7

Southwest - District 8