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Airport Needs - Expanding the Vision for Your Airport

What is a Needs Meeting?

"Needs Meetings" include a larger audience than CIP (Capital Improvement Program) Meetings and include more detailed conversation and an exchange of information on a wider range of topics. The goal during the meeting is for MnDOT Aeronautics to better understand the airport and community's needs and vision, and to provide assistance and information on resources available to help you reach your goals. MnDOT Aeronautics plans to facilitate Needs Meetings at every airport in the state system within a 3 year period.

Why Needs Meetings?

The knowledge gained from talking to decision makers at the airport and the community will help MnDOT Aeronautics develop a more complete picture of Minnesota’s airport system needs. MnDOT Aeronautics will use that picture to better inform other MnDOT offices and partners, including the State legislature, FAA, and US Congress.


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With more people discussing a wider range of topics, airports should expect these meetings to take between two and four hours; depending on the interest of the participants and the complexity of the issues.

Current Needs Meeting Cycle Schedule

Who should attend a Needs Meeting?

This larger conversation should also involve more participants. MnDOT suggests inviting the following participants from each airport:

  • Airport Board / Commission / Authority
  • City Council / County Board representative
  • City Administrator / Clerk or County Administrator
  • Airport Manager
  • Airport Consultant
  • Local Planner and/or Zoning Administrator


Documents and resources that will be reviewed during the meeting can be viewed ahead of time here.