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Airport Operations

The Airport Operation Section's Airport Coordinators are all seasoned pilots who operate that State aircraft. They work on national issues impacting Minnesota airports and pilots, and specialize in public, private, and personal-use licensing for airports, seaplane bases, and heliports. They enforce Minnesota Rules governing airports and commercial operators and offer valuable support and training to airport managers and owners. In addition, these Coordinators aid Minnesota communities in making their airports safe.

You are encouraged to reach out to any of the Airport Coordinators for assistance with their inquiries. While all Airport Coordinators can provide answers to operational questions, for more specific details about a particular airport, it is advisable to contact the Airport Coordinator assigned to the region where the airport is located. This individual will have the most up-to-date information about the airport. A map of the regions for public airports is provided here (PDF).


Timothy Jarvis
Airport Operations Director
Phone: 651-357-0591
E-mail: timothy.jarvis@state.mn.us

Kelly Akhund
Airports Program Administrator
Phone: 612-718-9158
E-mail: kelly.akhund@state.mn.us

James McCanney
Airport Coordinator - South Region
Phone: 612-346-8029
E-mail: james.mccanney@state.mn.us

Open Position
Airport Coordinator - Central Region

Jared Wedel
Airport Coordinator - North Region
Phone: 612-297-2739
E-mail: jared.wedel@state.mn.us

Dmitry Foster
Aviation Representative
Phone: 651-529-0649
E-mail: dmitry.foster@state.mn.us

Nate Williams
Aviation Representative
Phone: 651-421-9963
E-mail: nate.williams@state.mn.us

Rob Mason
Aviation Representative
Phone: 612-357-2984
E-mail: rob.mason@state.mn.us

Nate Sievert
Airport Data Management
Phone: 651-724-7567
E-mail: nathanial.sievert@state.mn.us