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Aviation Businesses

Looking for an aviation related service? These listings are the most complete and up-to-date information we have for companies doing business in Minnesota. If you know of a provider that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add them.

MnDOT issues Commercial Operator Licenses to the service providers without an asterisk. In order to obtain a license from MnDOT these service providers have complied with the rules and statutes governing the type of operations they are licensed to perform. Those services with an asterisk (*) are not regulated by MnDOT. Some, like Aircraft Charter, are regulated by the Federal Government.

The State of Minnesota does not endorse any of these companies. Consumers are reminded to check with the local Better Business Bureau or similar resources before choosing to do business with a listed company.


Businesses Requiring Licenses

Minnesota Law defines a commercial operation as any operation of an aircraft for compensation or hire, or any services performed incidental to the operation of any aircraft for which a fee is charged or compensation is received. The list of services on the left side of this page without asterisks are required to obtain a licensed from MnDOT before they advertise, represent, or hold themselves out as giving or offering to provides these services. If you are providing a service that requires operation of an aircraft or working on an aircraft, these Rules may apply to you.

In addition to licensing the service, there may be restrictions on the type of airport where the commercial operation may take place. Public Airports will accommodate almost any commercial operation. Commercial Operations may take place at a Private Airport but some services require the Private Airport to meet the Public Airport safety standards. Very few commercial operations may be conducted from Personal Use Airports.

Aeronautics Instructor: Any individual involved in giving flight instruction for hire or compensation, without advertising and without calling facilities an “Air School” or anything equivalent to that term and without providing the aircraft used in the instruction may do so without obtaining a commercial operations license.

If you are interested in establishing a Commercial Operation please click on the link below to learn more about the licensing process and access the forms needed to apply for a license. 

Learn more about the licensing process and access forms.