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Navigation Systems

Navigation Systems include ground based navigation aids such as VHF Omni-directional Range Stations (VORs) and Instrument Landing Systems (ILSs), and automated weather observation stations (AWOS).  MnDOT owns and operates a number of these systems throughout the state. We also own some Non-directional Beacons (NDBs) but they are being phased out as satellite navigation gains prominence. We provide support for the install and maintenance of airport lighting systems and we contract for the marking of airport pavements throughout Minnesota. 

For navigation systems support please contact any of the navigation systems engineers.

MnDOT Aeronautics Automated Weather Observing System
NavAIDS Weather Location APP!

MnDOT Aeronautics has created an AWOS NavAIDS Weather Location App. The web page link to Minnesota airport locations that have AWOS weather updates from the anyAWOS website.