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Minnesota AirportFinder App

What is it?

Inspired by the Minnesota DNR’s ParkFinder Application, MnDOT Aeronautics has created an AirportFinder App to allow the state’s pilots and aviation enthusiasts to find the perfect airport for their needs within our excellent system of airports. Primarily envisioned as a trip planning tool, this application allows users to filter through airports by their features and amenities, and also click on individual airports to reveal further information on each – similar to what can be found in MnDOT’s Airport Directory.

This is MnDOT’s first attempt at an interactive version of the Airport Directory, so any feedback is welcome! This could be on the usability of the application, data corrections, or any other great ideas you may have. Questions, comments or corrections should be directed to: airportdirectory.dot@state.mn.us.

Give it a try below, or open up the application in a new tab for a full-screen experience. You can also find instructions on how to integrate Airport Directory information into the ForeFlight mobile app here.

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