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Temporary Traffic Control Zone Layouts Field Manual 2014

The 2014 Field Manual contains typical traffic control layouts that all state, county and city roadway operations staff should use. Although the Field Manual is contained in the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a separate printed document is available.

Download complete manual (PDF, 4 MB) or view/print by section below.

Sections File type
Introduction PDF 16 KB
Definitions PDF 33 KB
Temporary Traffic Control General Guidelines with Checklist PDF 59 KB
Temporary Traffic Control Devices and Pedestrian (TPAR) Devices PDF 104 KB
Guidelines for Portable Changeable Message Signs with Abbreviations PDF 59 KB
Longitudinal Drop-Off Guidelines PDF 88 KB
Components of a Temporary Traffic Control Zone PDF 69 KB
Work Zone Signing and Quick Sign Code Reference Chart PDF 82 KB
Sample Project Daily Inspection Checklist PDF 29 KB
Symbols Used in Typical Layouts PDF 98 KB
Layouts 1-29 - Two Lane, Two-Way Roads PDF 866 KB, PDF 31 KB
Layouts 31-43 - Multi-lane Undivided Roads PDF 386 KB, PDF 22 KB
Layouts 45-66 - Multi-lane Divided Roads PDF 534 KB, PDF 23 KB
Layouts 67-90 - Misc Layouts: Operations, Signing and Closures PDF 935 KB, PDF 23 KB
Quality Standards for Temporary Traffic Control Devices PDF 315 KB
Flagging Handbook PDF 805 KB
District and Central Office Phone Numbers PDF 16 KB
Temporary Traffic Control Distance Charts PDF 98 KB