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Due to current limitations, until further notice all AADT from 2013 or later must be viewed in the map layer named "Draft AADT" and all HCAADT from 2013 or later must be viewed using one of our other data products. The 2015 Draft AADT publication will override the current 2013 official volumes published in the Draft AADT layer. In order to find 2013 AADT for the roadways and areas listed below please refer to the “Past AADT” column in this Draft dataset or contact the Traffic Volume Program. We hope to resolve this issue before May 2016.

  • Trunk Highways Statewide (Interstate, US Highways, State Highways)
  • CSAH and County Roads in the Seven County Metro Area
  • MSAS routes in Metro Area Cities on a two year count cycle (such as Edina, Blaine, Burnsville, Chanhassen, Brooklyn Park, Minnetonka, Ramsey, Cottage Grove, and Victoria)

MnDOT's Traffic Mapping Application is an interactive web tool that allows users to explore spatial traffic data

The interactive map allows you to select where you would like to view data at a larger scale. Many layers are scale dependent and will not appear until the map is zoomed in far enough. Once in the Traffic Mapping Application viewer, click the buttons in the right of the menu bar to help locate data and expand viewer functionality.

Look at the viewer's HELP Doc

Preview of Traffic Mapping Application screen
Preview of Traffic Mapping Application screen

Available Layers Include:

  • Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Collection Sites
  • Route Labels
  • Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Collection Sites
  • Street Name Labels
  • Vehicle Class Collection Sites
  • City Labels
  • Traffic Count Collection Sites
  • Counties
  • Traffic Segments
  • Basemaps
  • Official AADT (by Year)
  • Markup
  • Official AADT (by Volume)
  • Aerial Photo
  • Official HCAADT
  • Draft AADT

Web Browser Requirements: 
Internet Explorer 6.x and higher is recommended for best results when using this website but Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Netscape will work.

* Instructions to allow the application to run using Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10... Run the browser in Compatibility View and add state.mn.us in Compatibility View Settings

  • On the Command Bar at the top of the screen, go to Tools... Compatibility View Settings and add state.mn.us. Click add and close.
  • Go to Tools again... check Compatibility View

Viewing the Site: 
This site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher with colors set to thousands or higher.

Pop-up blocking will need to be disabled or this site needs to allow pop-ups in order for you to print any maps. See the next information section below.

Pop-up Blocking: 
Pop-up blocking needs to be disabled in order for you to use all features available on this website. You can also add this site to your list of sites where pop-ups are allowed.  

  • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools... Pop-up Blocker Settings and add mndotgist.dot.state.mn.us. Click add and close.
  • In Google Chrome,  go to Chrome menu on toolbar... Settings... Show advanced settings... in the "Privacy" section, click the Content settings button... In the "Pop-ups" section, click Manage exceptions... add mndotgist.dot.state.mn.us.
  • In Firefox go to Tools... Options... Web Features and add mndotgist.dot.state.mn.us as an allowed site.

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