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Technical Certification Program

Print or download the listed course materials, and bring them to class.

Concrete Field Tester Certification – ACI (CFTC)

Prerequisites for certification

  • None

Expiration and recertification options

  • This certification expires after five seasons.
  • A recertification must be completed before the end of the fifth training season. If only a MnDOT certification is needed or desired, you may take a MnDOT recertification class. If ACI certification is needed, you must repeat and pass the MnDOT Concrete Field tester (ACI) Certification course or complete the ACI Concrete Field-Testing Technician Grade 1 certification.
  • Once a certification is expired, you must complete the full certification course again to be certified.

Class logistics

  • Learning mode: In person for classroom and lab
  • If you need to register: Learn about the certification process and then register for the class.
  • Logistics: See the Registration Confirmation and Class Reminder emails from Lake Superior College for class dates, time, location, and directions. Time will be provided for on- or off-site lunch. No meals or beverages will be provided.
  • Learning differences and accommodations: If you have a disability or learning issue, either permanent or temporary, which might affect your ability to perform in a class, the online exam, or the performance exam, contact Suzanne Johnsrud, 218-428-1002, to discuss possible accommodations.
  • Summary: CFT Certification Summary (PDF)
  • Professional development hours (PDHs): 12
  • Lake Superior College course credits possible: 1 (you must complete an LSC course credit form)

What to bring to class

These materials will be provided to you at the class

  • ACI CP-1 40th Ed., Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1

Reference books/manuals to bring (hard copy or electronic)  

  • None

Also bring to class

  • Calculator
  • Paper and pencil/pen
  • Face mask (for health and safety, if needed)
  • Lunch and beverages to eat/drink if you plan on site  
  • Hard toed shoes and other safety gear for lab (required)

About the certification exams

Written exam process

  • See the ACI manual for information on the hard copy written exam, delivered during the class time.
  • Unlike TCP exams, the results are not available until after ACI processes them, typically in about six weeks. 

Written exam topics (approximate percentage of exam)

  • See the ACI manual.

Materials allowed during the written exam

This is closed book exam run by ACI.

Performance exam

  • You will complete a performance exam during the class.
  • The certification will not be awarded until the performance exam is complete and recorded.