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Bridge UP! curriculum

The Bridge UP! curriculum provides classroom resources for teachers using bridge design and construction principles as the foundation for learning. Classroom activities are designed to help bring students closer to the everyday work of engineers and construction workers. MnDOT hopes the Bridge UP! curriculum will get students excited about real-work transportation planning, design and construction, and to inspire them to pursue engineering or science as a career.

MnDOT partnered with other organizations to create an interactive program to integrate bridge architecture, design, and engineering into a school curriculum. See project partners and background. The curriculum is designed to meet current Minnesota education curriculum standards and benchmarks.

Here is a video with an overview of the Bridge UP! curriculum.


Bridge UP! iBook for iPad or Mac products Grades K-3

Web modules

Bridge UP! web modules Grades 4-8

Lesson Plans

Bridge UP! curriculum - compilation of all the lessons below (PDF) Grades K-12

Additional resources