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Local Road Project Map

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Date map generated: 6/6/2014. Project years covered: 2014-2018
NOTE: Because our location data has improved significantly we will no longer include estimated project locations. All markers on the map below are the actual mid-points of the project. Look for further map improvements in the near future.

The colored icons on the map below represent projects on Minnesota's State Aid highway system. The map plots State Aid project data on the Microsoft Bing map controller and features standard web navigational tools like zoom and birds eye aerial views. Clicking on an icon will produce a pop-up window with additional project information. While working with the map please keep the following in mind:

  • The projects on the map are generated by data from the centralized State Aid Project Tracking database. It’s possible that some projects are misrepresented. Please contact saltirhelp.dot@state.mn.us if you know of errors or omissions on the map.
  • Navigating inwardly (zoom) on the map will improve icon placement. The closer one zooms in on the map, the easier it is to select an icon for additional project information.
Project Year & Marker Color   Pop-up Detail
2014: Green   Line 1: Project Number and Agency
2015: Red   Line 2: Road name if available and verbal location
2016: Blue   Line 3: Estimated or Actual Construction Dates
2017: Yellow   Line 4: Estimated or Actual Pin Location
2018: Pink   Line 5: Type of Work

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