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Local Bridge Replacement Program


The Governor signed a bonding bill into law on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 and the bill provides substantial funding for local projects, including $30 million for the Local Bridge Replacement Program (LBRP)! The bonding bill also includes a $52 million earmark for a project. I plan to send a “selection letter” to the earmark recipient with more information on suggested next steps, info on demonstration of full funding to MMB, and considerations and timing for accessing the funds and executing grant agreements. I plan to send the letter by early November.

The bonding bill includes $30 million for LBRP. When combined with the MVLST that State Aid received in August, we will have about $41.2 million. The waiting list contains more requests than that, so we may not be able to fund all of those projects. Patti Loken is working on prioritizing projects for funding now, and will be in touch with DSAEs and local agencies in the near future.

See LBRP PowerPoint for more information on LBRP.

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