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Safe Routes to School

Planning assistance grants

SRTS plans are completed statewide by regional development commissions. Schools in Non-RDC areas typically work with a MnDOT hired consultant. For more information, contact a Safe Routes to School coordinator.

Application guidance

SRTS plans have been used successfully to identify barriers and opportunities for youth to walk and bicycle to school and have been used to leverage significant investments in infrastructure and non-infrastructure solutions. Planning applications should specify the specific school or schools that will be included in the plan. Multi-school or district-wide SRTS plans and updates to older SRTS plans are eligible to apply.

Planning assistance will be provided directly to communities by the regional planning organization or, if one is not available, by a consultant with expertise in SRTS planning. MnDOT will contract directly with the planning organizations and consultant. Applicants should be prepared to supply:

  • A list of the applicant’s SRTS team
  • Summary of SRTS work to date
  • Description of the community’s ability to implement a plan
  • If known, the number of children who currently walk and bicycle to school
  • Approval form from school sites


The planning assistance grant application is available in 2 formats. Please select one format.

PDF format (less than 1 MB)

Word format (less than 1 MB)

Application guide

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