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NRRA Pavement Conference

Each spring, the NRRA has hosted a multi-day conference for its members, students of pavement engineering, and other interested parties. During this gathering, we offer time for all teams to meet in-person to discuss current and future research, for project teams to update the wider NRRA group, and host invited speakers on relevant topics for our group.

We hope to announce save the date information for the 2025 gathering by June 30, 2024.

2024 NRRA Conference

Thank you for joining us for our Spring Conference April 30 - May 1, 2024 at the Shoreview Community Center. Recordings and presentations are now available online.

Pavement Awards

Each year, this conference recognizes a leader at the Minnesota and National level for their contributions to the pavement industry.

  • For Rohrbach award, voting will be done by: MnDOT Research staff, LRRB Board Members, and MEO & Friends.
  • For the Skok award, voting will be done by all active NRRA members.

2024 Recipients

Gerald Rohrbach Award for Excellence in Pavement Research in Minnesota: Jerry Geib, MnDOT
Eugene Skok Award for Contributions to Pavements in United States: Dave Timm, NCAT

Awards history

The Minnesota Pavement Conference was the original form of the NRRA Conference, starting in 1997. Each year, someone received an award for service in pavement, which was later named after Gerald Rohrbach, a prominent figure from MnDOT. Beginning in 2016, a second award was established in honor of Dr. Eugene Skok, Ph.D., P.E., a well-known instructor, researcher, and mentor to many in Minnesota pavement.

Rohrbach Award Distinguished Service Award for excellence in pavement research

1998: Roger C. Olson

1999: Eugene L. Skok

2000: George R. Cochran

2001: Michael Sheehan

2002: Gerald Rohrbach

2003: Erland Lukanen

2004: Art Bolland

2005: Wayne Fingalson

2006: Patrick Hughes

2007: Duane Blank

2008: Doug Schwartz, concrete pavement engineer, MnDOT

2009: Mark Maloney, public works director and city engineer of Shoreview

2010: Mike Robinson, MnDOT

2011: Rick West, the county engineer of Otter Tail County

2012: Dave Janisch, Minnesota Department of Transportation

2013: Rick Kjonaas, Deputy State Aid to Local Transportation Engineer, MnDOT

2014: Richard Ingberg

2015: Gerald Reinke

2016: Michael I. Darter, P.E., Ph.D., Applied Research Associates, Inc.

2017: Julie Vandenbossche, University of Pittsburgh

2018: Dave Rettner, American Engineering Testing

2019: Ben Worel, MnDOT

2020 & 2021: no events

2022: Curt Turgeon, MnDOT

2023: Glenn Engstrom, formerly of MnDOT

Eugene Skok Distinguished Lecture Award

2016: David E. Newcomb, P.E., Ph.D, Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Mark Snyder, Engineering Consultant

2017: Matt Witczak, Arizona State University

2018: R. Michael Anderson, P.E., Director of Research and Laboratory Services, Asphalt Institute

2019: Becky McDaniel, Purdue

2020 & 2021: no events

2022: Mihai Maristaenu, UMN

2023: Eshan Dave, UNH