Maintenance crews on Hwy 53 in St. Paul


Minnesota's Cold Weather Road Research Facility

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Improving the Way We Design, Construct, and Maintain Our Highways in Cold Weather Climates


MnROAD is a pavement test track using various research materials and pavements owned and operated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. It finds ways to make roads last longer, perform better, cost less to build and maintain, be built faster and have minimal impact on the environment. Located near Albertville, Minnesota, the MnROAD test track was initially constructed between 1991-1993 and is one of the most sophisticated, independently operated pavement test facility of its type in the world. Currently MnROAD, works in conjunction with the MnDOT Materials Lab located in Maplewood, MN



MnROAD Facility


MnROAD consists of two unique road segments located next to Interstate 94: