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Hwy 10 Access Planning Study

Ramsey, Anoka

Public meetings

Please continue to visit this page for notice of upcoming meetings.

Past meetings and materials

Feb. 26, 2014

An open house was held to give you an opportunity to provide input to the study team about the ways in which the projects under consideration may affect your property, business and/or daily transportation needs.

Sept. 12, 2013

Oct. 29, 2013

Study Committees

The following information outlines the study committees and anticipated public involvement opportunities for this study.

Project Management Team

The project management team will meet monthly to manage and deliver the project and to consider all public, stakeholder and elected official input. Project management team members include:

  • MnDOT
  • Anoka County
  • Metropolitan Council

Study Advisory Committee

The study advisory committee will meet monthly or every other month to review study materials and provide feedback to the project management team on issues, concerns, study findings and recommendations. Study advisory committee members include:

  • City of Ramsey
  • City of Anoka
  • City of Elk River
  • Anoka County
  • MnDOT
  • Metropolitan Council

In addition, coordination with the following elected officials, agencies and stakeholders is also planned:

  • Ramsey and Anoka City Council
  • Anoka County Board
  • Environmental review and permitting agency
  • Property owners & business owners

Please review the Public Involvement Plan and Decision-Making Matrix for the roles and goals of each meeting group/activity mentioned above and the anticipated coordination opportunities planned to take place as part of this study. The study schedule outlines the general timeframes anticipated for these coordination and public input opportunities.