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Saving time and money

MnDOT encourages the submittal of preliminary plans for review and comment early in the project development process. This saves time and money as issues are addressed prior to significant planning and design work.


Submittal requirements, a review submittal checklist, and a discussion of MnDOT’s review process can be found in the Local Government Guide (PDF). You can also contact Tod Sherman for additional information:


Tod Sherman

Planning Supervisor


Development Review


MnDOT reviews proposed development projects including plats and site plans that are adjacent to or near established/proposed roadways that fall under the state’s jurisdiction (i.e. interstate, U.S. routes, and state highways). Additionally, MnDOT reviews local government environmental documents (Environmental Assessment Worksheets, Environmental Impact Studies, and Alternative Urban Analysis Reviews) through the Environmental Quality Boards review process.


Following MnDOT’s review, a letter is submitted to the affected governmental units that includes:




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