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TED Project—Rochester

Reichel Foods Inc.

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Funding Package

The total project cost for the Reichel Foods project is $2,258,000.  TED funds from MnDOT and DEED contributed $1,463,650.  The City is covering its share of Right-of-Way costs and project costs. 

Project Description
This TED project is located at the intersection of Hwy 14 East and 40th Ave. SE.  It will extend and widen a four-lane pavement cross-section and install appropriate signalization.  In doing so, this project will enable Reichel Foods to consolidate and expand its food processing and distribution operations.

Transportation Impacts
This project will improve safety by reducing the severity of accidents at this intersection and by improving visibility and installing advance warning lights.  Updated signalization of the 40th Avenue intersection and associated turn lanes and signal and signal advance warning lights will will help alleviate congestion in this area and provide safer access to both business and residential areas.


Economic Development Impacts
This project will allow Reichel Foods to acquire additional property adjacent to their existing facility, which will allow them to consolidate and expand their operations.  Prior to construction, Reichel Foods employed 375 people, and this project will support an additional 50 employees over the next two years.  Completing this project is expected to generate new capital investment of approximately $5 million and generate an additional $100,000 per year in local property tax revenue.



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