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2013 Projects

Projects around Minnesota funded by TED

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TED Fact

In 2013, TED awarded $15.7 million in funds matched by $25 million from private and other public sources.




TED Projects

Waconia: Hwy 5 Improvements – TED award: $4,500,000
This project will upgrade 1.4 miles of two-lane road to an urban four-lane divided road with multiple intersections along Hwy 5 through the heart of Waconia.  The project supports job creation for many employers in the area; Ridgeview Medical, for example, is planning an expansion in 2015 that will add 130 new jobs and an additional expansion is planned in 8-10 years that will add another 130 jobs. The improvement project will also address safety concerns by widening and reducing the number of accesses to and from Hwy 5—thus improving emergency vehicle response times to the hospital.


Minneapolis: I-94 7th St. Off-Ramp and Repurposed 5th St. Off-Ramp – TED award: $6,790,000
This project will construct a new westbound I-94 off ramp that will re-orient traffic entering downtown Minneapolis from 5th street to 7th St.. The existing I-94 5th street off ramp will be repurposed to provide a multi-modal connection between the Cedar Riverside neighborhood and the downtown core.  The project serves the densest concentration of jobs in the state—the downtown core of Minneapolis employs 133,000 people and is projected to increase significantly with additional downtown development (including the new stadium).  Other major employers that will benefit from this project include: Hennepin County Medical Center, the University of Minnesota, Fairview Hospital, and Augsburg College.



Olmsted County: County Hwy 16 and Hwy 63 Interchange Reconstruction and Airport Access Improvement Project — TED award: $2,224,000

This project will reconstruct an interchange at Hwy 63 and County Hwy 16, improving access to the Rochester International Airport and surrounding industrial parks.  The Rochester International Airport generates $161.5 million in economic impact in the region and employs more than 270 people and serves more than 320,000 commercial airline passengers per year. The improvement will support a new terminal currently being planned for the airport.  The Mayo Clinic expansion will also have a direct impact on this interchange since the expansion is projected to add 20,000 employees and double the number of patients at the clinic.


Le Sueur:  Hwy 169 Le Sueur Hill Access and Rest Area Improvements – TED award: $2,072,571
This project involves construction of a Reduced Conflict Intersection at Hwy 169 and County Hwy 28. Construction will also involve associated access closures and supporting streets to address the expansion needs of Cambria, a key employer in the area, as well as providing better and safer access to a planned business park.  Hwy 169 is a principal arterial roadway that provides critical connections between southwestern Minnesota and the Twin Cities. This TED proposal is unique, in that it also includes the conveyance of land containing an existing rest area to Cambria to makle room for the planned economic expansion, which was authorized by the 2013 Legislature.  In addition to the transportation improvements, the project would involve construction of a new rest area to replace the existing rest area.