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TED Project—Perham

Perham U.S. Highway 10 / CSAH 34 Interchange

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Funding Package
Total project costs for the Perham interchange is approximately $6.7 million.  TED funds from MnDOT and DEED contributed $3.5 million.  The remainder of the funding is from the MnDOT district, Otter tail County, the City of Perham, and a direct contribution from the hospital, KLN, and Offut.

Project Description
Otter Tail County State Aid Highway 34 currently passes over U.S. Hwy 10 (four lane highway) on the west side of the City of Perham, but prior to the construction of this project, there was no existing off/on access to U.S. Hwy 10.  This TED project (project map) adds four legs to the intersection to create a diamond shaped interchange The project also includes turn lanes, widening, shouldering, curb/gutter, signal lights, and other improvements to
CSAH 34.

Transportation Impacts
US Hwy 10 is a major traffic artery with 4,600 cars per day.  Construction is now complete on the new Perham Memorial Hospital located near the interchange.  The hospital generates over 6,000 employee and patient trips per week and serves a population of over 30,000 in the peak summer months.  Ambulance traffic and emergency access to the

hospital will benefit from the improvement by significantly reducing access time from the highway to the hospital. 


Perham is home to a number of large manufacturers that rely on the transportation network to move freight.  Over 1,200 semis travel to Perham weekly, many are routed down Main Street and residential streets.  The interchange will decrease reliance on the local road system to move these heavy loads. 


Economic Development Impacts
The new Perham Memorial Hospital is a $34 million investment in rural health care and would be directly served by the proposed interchange.  The new hospital provides supports access to the hospitals existing 440 employees and provides opportunity for 25 new hires in the next two years.



With the construction of the new hospital, the area immediately adjacent to the interchange is ripe for economic development.  The City owns several lots with infrastructure available for sale near the hospital site.  The interchange will promote economic development immediately near the hospital in addition to the vacant property located along CSAH 34.