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TED Project—City of Marshall Hwy 68

Lake Road Turning-Bypass Lanes

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Funding Package

Total costs for the Marshall Hwy 68 / Lake Road intersection improvement project is approximately $822,500.  TED funds contributed $575,750 to this project and the remainder of the projected will be funded by Marshall city funds and bonds.


Project Description
This TED project includes the installation of a turning lane and bypass lane at the intersection of Hwy 68 and Lake Road including the Lake Road approach and truck acceleration lane on Hwy 68.  The improvement will include excavation and embankment, drainage, gravel base, asphalt surfacing, and traffic control.

Transportation Impacts
These improvements will provide better access to cars and trucks into the developing industrial park in the northwest Marshall area.  The project will significantly enhance safety at the intersection of Hwy 68 and Lake Road because the bypass lane will allow for free traffic movement, and the acceleration lane will enable heavy trucks and cars to safely merge into the westbound traffic.



Economic Development Impacts
Before the TED project was started, The City of Marshall was engaged with two existing firms: RALCO Nutrition Inc., a livestock nutrition and health producer that provides products to 19 countries; and Runnings, a major retailer of farm, home, and ranch supplies.  Both of these companies were considering relocating somewhere else due to in inadequate access to the industrial park.  This project will provide safe and efficient roadways that will allow these businesses and others to continue to grow and thrive, while also attracting new businesses to the area.