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TED Project—Le Sueur

Hwy 169 Le Sueur Hill Access and Rest Area Improvements

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Project Description
The City of Le Sueur initially requested $4,560,000. This TED proposal is unique, in that it would include the conveyance of land with an existing rest area to a private company (this legislative authority was sought and approved during the 2013 legislative session) and construction of new, replacement rest area. The transportation elements of the project include construction of an Reduced Conflict Intersection intersection at Hwy 169 and County Hwy 28, realignment of Pumpkin Hill Road, Reduced Conflict Intersection left turning lane deceleration lanes, closure of Doppy Lane to Hwy 169, closure of Hwy 128 access to Hwy 169, construction of a new local road connecting Doppy Lane with frontage road, construction of east frontage road connecting with CSAH for existing and future development.


Note: This project scored very well on the economic development criteria, but due to the unique nature of the “rest area swap”, a detailed analysis was required to arrive at a fair and reasonable cost share distribution that complies with MnDOT’s cost share policy. In addition, because this recommended funding award does not cover the entire request, a formal agreement will be required that ensures any state funds committed to the project are only provided once there is an assurance that the proposed development will actually occur.

Transportation Impacts
Hwy 169 is a principal arterial roadway that provides critical connections between southwestern Minnesota and the Twin Cities. It carries commuter traffic, and serves as a conduit for commercial, agricultural and manufacturing products. The highway is well travelled, with Annual Average Daily Traffic at 38,000, including 1,200 to 3,700 heavy commercial vehicles. There are existing problems with truck entering/exiting Hwy 169, since the median does not offer protection to large trucks existing the facility to head southbound, or entering the facility from the north, where they are required to cut across oncoming traffic. The recent removal of a controlled intersection along Hwy 169 in Belle Plaine has exacerbated these “spacing” problems in Le Sueur. Cambria currently generates 2,000 truck trips per month. That will increase to 8,000 under the current expansion and is expected to increase as the company continues to grow.



Economic Development Impacts
Cambria currently employs 537 full-time equivalents in Minnesota, including 250 in LeSueur. Cambria is currently completing an expansion in Le Sueur that will add 277,000 square feet and 220 FTE. The current expansion will increase truck traffic by 150%. Cambria is planning a 2014 expansion that will add an additional 200 employees, more square footage and increase truck traffic. The application also identifies 50 jobs from speculative development in the Le Sueur Business Park.