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TED Project—Delano Northwest Business Park


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Funding Package

TED funds from MnDOT and DEED contributed $1,605,500 to this project.  The TED award leveraged an additional $3.3 million in private and other public funds. 


Project Description
This TED project will create better access to a new industrial park located in Delano.  Access to the industrial park will come directly off of Hwy 12.  In addition, the project will extend a local collector, Davidson Avenue, from County Rd. 30 through the existing Delano Northwest Business Park. 

Transportation Impacts
This TED project will have two transportation impacts.  First, it will give access to the newly developed industrial park.  Second, it will provide a north-south collector street that will be critical in supporting additional economic development as the city continues to grow. 


Economic Development Impacts
This project will help current businesses to expand, and attract new businesses to the area.  Within two years, this industrial park is forecasted to support 100-150 jobs, and an additional 200-300 within five years.