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Mark Vogel

MnDOT Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 & Metro North and East



Jackie Klein

MnDOT Districts 6, 7, 8 & Metro South and West


Paint removal operations process - contractors

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Lead and PCB content determination


Legal definitions of lead, non-lead and PCB paintbridge paint removal


Lead determination methods

Any of the three methods listed below may be used to determine lead content of paint:


PCB content determination



Containment and notification




Waste management


Blasting waste sampling, storage, transportation and disposal requirements

To determine appropriate waste management requirements for a specific project, select from the following options:


Contractors are required to supply their own solvents and paints. The Contractor is also the owner of waste solvent and paint generated on the project and so is responsible for properly managing and disposing of the waste. Contract language on MnDOT projects requires the Contractor to follow Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regulations for waste handling and disposal. Solvents can be reused, but unusable solvent and paint sludge must be disposed of through a licensed hazardous waste disposal facility. Drying and disposing waste solvent and oil-based paint in the garbage is not permitted.





It is recommended that MnDOT Bridge Inspectors receive training on environmental regulations and best management practices associated with abrasive paint removal operations prior to the start of work. This training is provided upon request by contacting Mark Vogel or Jackie Klein.