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Living snow fences
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Rental Payment and Cost Share Worksheet


MnDOT CRP Landowner Agreement Form


Standing Corn Row Agreement Form


Farm Product Price Index

The Farm Product Price Index for 2013 was 195.3. The Index is used to determine whether or not MnDOT's annual payment to the landowner should be adjusted upwards based on the rise of agriculture commodity values from the previous year. Should the value decline, MnDOT still agrees to honor and not fall below the original landowner sign up dollar value.

Farm Product Price Index,
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Year Annual
2004 123.3
2005 118.5
2006 117.0
2007 143.4
2008 161.3
2009 134.6
2010 151.0
2011 186.7
2012 192.5
2013 195.3

Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Forms

Environmental Quality Incentives Program is a voluntary conservation program from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Through EQIP, eligible landowners may receive technical and financial assistance (practice payments) for establishing environmental or conservation practices on their land. Sign-up for EQIP takes place at local NRCS offices.

Establishing living snow fences is an eligible practice in EQIP. Supporting practices such as site preparation, weed control and other conservation practices as needed are also eligible for practice payments under EQIP. MnDOT's Living Snow Fence Cost Share Program is eligible to landowners who have a new EQIP contract for establishing living snow fences. Questions? Contact Ginger Kopp, State Staff Forester, NRCS, at 651-602-7909.


Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding was created between MnDOT, Natural Resource Conservation Service, USDA - Farm Service Agency, and the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts to plant living snow fences along MnDOT highways. The MOU provides a method for living snow fence projects to be delivered in a timely manner with greater satisfaction for all partners involved.


Become a state vendor

Become a state vendor for leaving standing corn rows or growing a living snow fence through the Statewide Integrated Financial Tools system. The Swift system provides vendors with self-service functions that include requesting changes to addresses and contact information as well as viewing purchase orders and payments. Vendors can also sign up for direct deposit through the system.